Manage Your Change Requests, Don't Let Them Manage You

How to effectively manage incoming change requests.

Category: Agile , Programming , Project Management , Software

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites: A Comparison

The question is seemingly simple enough, Mobile App or Mobile Website? 

Category: Mobile , Web

Project FAIL: Why the Best of Intentions Mean Jack

3 of the most common reasons for project failure.

Category: Agile , Project Management

How to Create a Quality WBS, Not Just BS

A brief introduction to creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Category: Project Management

What's your color?

Have you ever had the blues? Been green with jealousy? Or so angry you saw red? Color plays a powerful role in our everyday lives, but many of us have no idea how powerful a tool color can be in influencing purchase decisions.

Category: Advertising , Branding , Business