What's your color?

Posted by Tim Ballard

Have you ever had the blues? Been green with jealousy? Or so angry you saw red? Color plays a powerful role in our everyday lives, but many of us have no idea how powerful a tool color can be in influencing purchase decisions.

Large amounts of money have gone into producing countless studies over the years by major companies creating a large body of knowledge available to the general public online about color and the psychology of selling products and services. The tools for choosing your company’s proper colors are no longer squarely in the hands of artists and professional designers. If you still don’t feel comfortable choosing on your own, here are a few quick tips:

The most important step in choosing a color(s) for your company or campaign is deciding who your target audience is. Neon's are great for attracting youthful audiences but that same color scheme can immediately turn away a middle aged business man. What is your #1 demographic? Tailor your color schemes to attract your best customers. Determine what you want your colors to make people feel. Red is often associated with excitement and energy while blue is typically associated with calm and trust. In short;Are you selling insurance or do you give skydiving lessons? Choose colors accordingly. Love your color! Own your color! Be your color! Your colors should be just that;yours. You have to work around them, you have to sell them, and you should love them! If you don't love them, why would anyone else?
Using these 3 steps for choosing brand color Buena digital chose to use brown and orange as our primary colors. Our #1 demographic is established businesses looking to upgrade existing web sites.

Brown is an earth color that typically conveys stability, durability, and a timeless style. Orange radiates warmth, energy and stimulates activity. Our colors are calming to work around daily, while still expressing the personality of Buena Digital. We love our colors! Let us help you love yours!

If you want assistance choosing your brand colors, or you just want to bounce some creative ideas off of us. Give us a call 866-625-9034, or email us at


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