When to Hire a Digital Agency

Do you have ambitious plans for your eCommerce or healthcare related web application? Are you struggling to decide whether to assemble an in-house team or hire a digital agency?

Category: Business , Programming , Software , Web

Top 3 Tips for Agile Team Motivation

My tips on how to keep your team motivated.

Category: Project Management

Project FAIL, Part 2: Hitting a Moving Target

Scope your project effectively so you don't end up trying to hit a moving target.

Category: Agile , Business , Project Management , Software

Manage Your Change Requests, Don't Let Them Manage You

How to effectively manage incoming change requests.

Category: Agile , Programming , Project Management , Software

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites: A Comparison

The question is seemingly simple enough, Mobile App or Mobile Website? 

Category: Mobile , Web