TaxAudit Mobile App Buena Digital designed a custom mobile app to help streamline the process of working with TaxAudit Representatives during an audit.


TaxAudit is the nation’s leading provider of Audit Defense.  Their representatives help protect and defend taxpayers during the often painful process of an audit. Their goal was to introduce a mobile app that would improve the customer experience while at the same time reducing the time required to process each case.


When a taxpayer undergoes an audit, they must provide a myriad of forms and documentation to the IRS and state tax authorities. TaxAudit wanted to offer an easier way for their Members to securely transfer these documents as well as send secure messages. At the same time, TaxAudit wanted to process more audit cases at a faster rate.

TaxAudit needed a solution that would solve three key objectives:

  • Protect customers’ privacy and mitigate against security risks
  • Provide a user-friendly online experience that would better serve their Members, while helping to alleviate the stress of an audit
  • Increase the number of cases that TaxAudit could process in a shorter period of time


To achieve these objectives, Buena Digital worked closely with TaxAudit to carefully design and build fully customized native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Buena Digital carefully adhered to TaxAudit's branding guidelines for a consistent user experience across multiple digital properties.

The mobile app provides a fast, convenient, and secure way for customers to take photos of notices, tax returns, and other documents and upload them to their TaxAudit case file. There’s also a built-in messaging system that makes it easy for customers to communicate with the TaxAudit support team.


The new mobile apps created by Buena Digital are now being used in over 30% of the cases processed by TaxAudit. Members are finding it a more convenient way to communicate and are providing higher quality documents that result in lower processing times for new cases. The improved Member experience, as well as improved efficiency, are both big wins.  Buena Digital is proud of the part that they have played in this success for TaxAudit.

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