AVAD seized an opportunity to provide warranties for everyday household goods.


Consumer electronics company AVAD saw an opportunity to provide warranties for the wide selection of AV electronics products they sell to both consumers and businesses. They hired Buena Digital to develop a completely new e-commerce website to help maximize this opportunity. The new channel soon opened up additional revenue opportunities.


Traditionally a mainly B2B-focused company, AVAD wanted a way to connect with a consumer audience and offer them product warranties.

The new solution would need to achieve three key objectives:

  • Provide a way for consumers to get information on and purchase warranties for a wide selection of products using their computer or mobile device
  • Differentiate the new consumer-facing brand from AVAD’s core electronics business
  • Integrate the warranty purchase transactions and other customer data with AVAD’s MAS 500 ERP system


Buena Digital met with the AVAD team to scope out the entire project and create a project plan, including a detailed timeline and budget.

Buena and AVAD developed an entirely new consumer brand called House of Warranties. Foundational to this offering was the creation of a new consumer-facing website, where warranty customers could purchase service and repair plans and manage their accounts online.

  • Systems that Buena Digital designed, built, and implemented for House of Warranties included: A brand new responsive, mobile-ready website that enables consumers to easily find their product category and order a service plan online –
  • A site that is seamlessly integrated with AVAD’s MAS ERP system
  • An additional layer of integration between, AVAD’s ERP system, and the third party vendor that executes the warranty plans – Warrantech.


Since the launch of House of Warranties, AVAD now offers warranties for consumer products beyond the types of products that AVAD actually sells, such as for furniture, jewelry, fitness equipment, and more. The new system has provided a fast and nearly effortless way for consumers to purchase service and repair plans. In addition, the new website and e-commerce platform has created an entirely new set of revenue opportunities for AVAD.

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