AVAD E-Commerce A Leading AV Solutions Provider Gets a Customized E-Commerce Platform that Scales as Their Business Grows


As North America’s premier AV solutions provider, AVAD specializes in system installations for both residential and commercial customers. AVAD had an outdated e-commerce platform that wasn’t coming near to having the functionality they required to meet their business growth goals. It was also failing to deliver a great user experience for AVAD’s dealers. AVAD reached out to Buena Digital for answers.


AVAD has a complex business model that involves multiple product lines and distributions channels, and multiple vendor relationships. AVAD was struggling with an outdated and restrictive e-commerce system that was holding them back from realizing the vision they had for faster growth. AVAD wanted a comprehensive e-commerce solution that would achieve four key objectives:

    1. Unravel and reverse engineer their old e-commerce platform
    2. Create mobile apps to better serve AVAD’s dealers and allow for quick and easy ordering
    3. Streamline and reduce the number of complex and fragile processes required to manage orders
    4. Empower the marketing team with an expanded set of tools to reach new and existing dealers


Due to the complexity of the project, the Buena Digital team collaborated with AVAD’s executive management team to clearly understand their challenges. Next, Buena put together a plan to free AVAD from their old, restrictive system. Buena created a brief to scope out the project. This helped to clarify the overall objectives of the new e-commerce system, not just for the sales and marketing teams, but also for senior management, IT, and the operations teams. And even more important, it’s clarified the needs and pain points for AVAD’s dealers.

Buena then refined the key steps required to design, build, and launch the new platform. Buena also created a detailed timeline and budget for the project. Next, Buena created mockups and wireframes to ensure all stakeholders’ expectations would be met and that everyone had a unified vision of the outcome.

As part of building the new system, Buena had to reverse engineer AVAD’s legacy code and processes so current and future updates could be done much faster and more easily.


Today AVAD has a new, fully customized e-commerce platform interfaces directly with their MAS 500 ERP system and which will easily scale as their business grows. They also have the flexibility to easily pivot as necessary in the highly dynamic environment of the AV technology industry. When new channel partners and product lines become available, AVAD can quickly jump on opportunities and offer more selection to their dealers and clients.

AVAD is now empowered with a robust and scalable system that will enable them to reach their future revenue goals faster and with more efficiency.

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