TouchCommerce Case Study

Fed up with WebVanta CMS, TouchCommerce was looking for a new solution that could host their site and allow them the ability to update their own content as needed.



Touch Commerce had a very specific and critical need. Boasting clients such as Direct TV, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Lifelock and the New York Times to name just a very few, Touch Commerce is the indisputable global leader in Pay for Performance Conversion Marketing, driving over $1.5B in incremental revenue for their customers. However, their current Content Management System (CMS) was not holding up under pressure. In other words, their current site, while it looked great, was built on an outdated and difficult to maintain CMS that really struggled to keep up with the incredible growth, success, and pace of the company. Needing a new solution, TouchCommerce contracted Buena Digital for a complete overhaul of the architecture of the site, while maintaining the original look and feel with some strategic revamps.


Buena Digital chose Agility CMS to replace WebVanta with ASP.NET MVC using the original site design, making improvements to site content, architecture, and functionality along the way. Developing a tightly-integrated solution off of this platform that did not sacrifice any functionality and actually improved not just the management experience, but also key areas and functionality of the front-end site - including news and blog sections, is a testament to the power of Agility's framework and the smart technology approach of the Buena Digital team.

Technologies used : ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and Agility CMS.


Buena Digital was incredibly excited to launch this build for Touch Commerce. While it may look the same, it is now powered by the smart technology of Buena Digital and the client couldn't be happier with the phenomenal results. Overall, we increased site performance by 32% and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is already showing dramatic improvements. But best of all for our client, our seamless integration of Agility CMS through a strategic rebuild of their site one-for-one, now gives them the easy to use interface they desperately needed, allowing them to update their content at their convenience, keeping their site fresh and current.


Marketing, Technology