Nurse Referral System Case Study

Web based nursing documentation saves the County of Ventura thousands every year and helps nurses document more efficiently.



The Public Health Nursing department at Ventura County had a desire to rewrite an existing legacy thin-client Powerbase application. Updates to the program were often slow and nurses didn't have the ability to document out in the field. The need to update the system quickly and frequently due to state requirements while improving the user interface was a high priority.


Buena Digital analyzed the requirements with the end users and took the existing functionality and expanded upon the feature set for a rich user experience. By making the new application web-based, the nurses can now access the system from any location using the County's VPN.

Technologies used : ASP.NET, jQuery and SQL Server.


Significant savings in monthly recurring costs, speed of data entry, faster system updates and access from anywhere have been realized.


Government, Healthcare