Not many companies can provide peace of mind In less than five minutes. Yet that’s exactly what House of Warranties does.


House of Warranties (HOW) is a one-stop peace-of-mind solution for all kinds of product warranties. Instead of buying extended or additional coverage from multiple vendors, you now have 60-90 days after purchasing almost any new electronics, to get a protective warranty through HOW in four simple steps. It’s a revolutionary idea, and one that required a forward-thinking agency to deliver a robust solution. Not only did the system have to handle purchases, it also needed to allow customers to file a claim, and give staff admin abilities. There were two key goals House of Warranties really wanted to focus on. First, providing a simple and completely intuitive interface for customers to quickly and comfortably purchase warranties for their electronics. Second, gear the whole user experience around a hierarchical structure that ensures the user selects the correct type of warranty as defined by four easy parameters, and can complete a transaction as a registered user, or as a guest. Either way, they needed to also be able to view order status with tracking information on the site after receiving the confirmation email.


Buena Digital got right to work building a fully custom Microsoft ASP.NET MVC eCommerce website that is completely responsive. This means it not only works, but also looks great and is fully optimized for a fantastic, easy experience on any device - from desktop to mobile to tablet. In addition to the front-end website experience, there is full, robust administrative control over every order, and the whole system directly integrates into AVAD’s MAS 500 ERP system. That way, admins can easily look up contract numbers, customer data, and utilize the easy reporting tools. All of this back-end functionality was integrated into AVAD’s custom WebAdmin tool that lets them manage all of their online properties — ranging from Mobile Apps to their many eCommerce sites.


This new product is already generating buzz as the on-stop solution for consumer electronics warranties. A clean interface paired with a powerful, reliable eCommerce management system is the perfect combination.


eCommerce, Consumer Electronics


ASP.NET MVC 4, TDD, SQL Server 2005, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Sage MAS 500