eReferralPro Case Study

eReferralPro is the answer to the need of every medical practice to efficiently and securely manage patient referrals.



Buena Digital had recently been contacted to create a referral system for a client to replace their old, outdated system for managing their ever growing referral department. After careful analysis of their needs and pain points, a new web based system was put into place that ended up saving them tens of thousands of dollars a year, and made them more efficient, speeding up referral processing time by over 80%! As a result, patients are now seeing their referrals approved in minutes instead of days or even weeks! With the overwhelming success of that proprietary solution, and increased interest from other health care providers, Buena Digital decided to bring to the market a new way of managing referrals that traditional EMRs simply cannot provide.

Buena Digital truly believed that every medical practice deserved to experience that same level of success and ease with patient referrals, even if they didn't have the budget or time to engage an agency to create the necessarily robust system to meet their needs.


So to get started, Buena Digital decided to create an entirely new platform, building on what they learned, and release it as a product available to every medical provider. This product started to take shape as eReferralPro, focused on meeting a few critical core needs. First, the product needed to save busy medical staff time, and help health care providers save money. It needed to be completely secure, and scalable to work with a staff of any size. Finally, it needed to work with existing referral structures and the technology or even paper ecosystems offices had in place, and do it all while looking good on any device, anywhere.

To accomplish these goals, Buena Digital not only created a robust, responsive, yet beautifully simple platform, they also invested in the highest level of security and instituted HIPPA-compliant privacy practices in every aspect of their build, while still maintaining cutting edge technological advances. From signing a business associates agreement to partner with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for secure, private hosting, to crafting a SaaS solution that isolates each customer in their own encrypted database so data is never co-mingled with others, Buena Digital ensured every detail was perfect.

Buena Digital also built a secure API to support custom implementations for health care providers who need to tie in with existing systems - so they can interface with eReferralPro information in real time. In fact, because integrating with existing systems and processes was so important, Buena Digital even partnered with Interfax to get offline documentation online. For better or worse, paper is still a part of health practices around the globe, so eReferralPro lets you securely fax in and attach supporting documentation to any patient referral which is an incredibly beneficial option for countless providers. Of course, you can still attach supporting documentation right within eReferralPro from digital files already in your existing systems and computers.

While the technology and security is extremely important, it wasn't enough by itself to make eReferralPro a compelling product people would actually want to use. So Buena Digital designed a beautiful, simple interface that worked brilliantly across iPhones, iPads, desktops, laptops and pretty much any other internet-capable device you might find in a doctor’s office. It was important that the system was fast, intuitive, and easy to navigate. For example, if a nurse is logged in and enters a note on a patient referral, the office manager will immediately see a notification and the note in real time. Too many web apps directed at health care needs are incredibly cumbersome and dated, not to mention, ugly, difficult to navigate, and incompatible with todays’ wide range of devices. eReferralPro is the product the health care market has been waiting for. Deftly balancing the tension between incredible security and privacy, and incredible technological power and design, eReferralPro has officially raised the bar.


Launching this product is in many ways a culmination of years of experience and a great expression of the kind of smart technology and brand savvy Buena Digital brings to each and every project. But more than just a product piece that showcases their level of expertise, care, and attention to detail they put into every project, eReferralPro is a incredibly powerful product set to serve and empower the efforts of thousands of medical practices and health care providers across the nation. Now every health care system can experience the cost savings and decreased processing time eReferralPro can bring them, at a price that makes sense.




ASP.NET MVC, Web API, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Azure Cloud Web Services, Interfax, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap