Case Study

After dealing with an outdated system, CreatureBoy was finally ready to shed the old site and re-launch a fresh, modern web presence.



CreatureBoy (Brian Steele), has suited up and breathed life into some of the most recognizable television and movie creatures for over 20 years. As a child, Brian Steele knew only two speeds: full throttle and off. Growing up, he was fascinated by actors who played monsters onscreen. Glued, painted, Velcro-ed, snapped and harnessed into bodysuits and masks, Brian made a name for himself as the man who could bring monsters to life. He has played key roles portraying creatures, monsters and menacing beasts in television shows, and movies like Hellboy, Resident Evil, Blade, Underworld, Lady in the Water, MIB II, and more. however, didn’t feel so relevant, and had started to look dated and out of touch. It was also relatively difficult to maintain and keep updated. Needing a new solution, CreatureBoy contracted Buena Digital for a complete overhaul of the primary website, including a new content management system (CMS) to power a refreshing, completely redesigned front-end experience, and make the website easy to keep current with fresh content.


Buena Digital chose Umbraco CMS to replace the outdated back-end system supporting the existing website, and began work rethinking, re-designing, and rebuilding into what you can see today. The new website was designed to increase the impact of the widely recognizable imagery associated with the projects CreatureBoy has worked on, and give visitors and fans more insight into the films and TV shows Brian has worked on. Along with a complete filmography and biography, the new site includes a blog so fans can stay up to date with the latest from Brian, as well as a prominent newsletter signup, and social links to encourage extended connections. The site also links out to the CreatureBoy e-Commerce Store, which was also designed and developed by Buena Digital. You can read a little more about the project here [link to eCommerce Case Study].

Technologies used : Umbraco CMS, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery


The smart technology and brand savvy Buena Digital brings to every project, really paid off with the relaunch of They were able to successfully translate the brand equity CreatureBoy has built up over the last two decades, into a completely redesigned presence in a way that stayed true to what Brian had in mind, while putting his work front and center and modernizing everything. Buena Digital is proud to have partnered with CreatureBoy on this exciting project!