AVAD Web Admin

AVAD needed to find a solution for managing their array of web properties so they enlisted Buena Digital to design and build a custom admin website.
AVAD Web Admin



AVAD had grown tired of managing multiple admin tools for their storefront and mobile apps, each with separate admins URL’s and their own set of logins, doubling the effort required for creating and managing users. Not only were the current tools a hassle to use, but they lacked essential reporting tools and advanced metrics that AVAD needs to accurately track user engagement and drive new marketing objectives. 


Buena Digital saw the pain points AVAD was experiencing as an opportunity for the company to drastically change the way they were managing their various web properties, they could centralize the management of all of their web properties into one Web Admin. Using .NET MVC and Twitter Bootstrap for the front end framework, Buena Digital created a new responsive and robust Web Admin to eliminate AVAD’s legacy web management tools. The new Web Admin has multiple roles that are easily managed and assigned to new or existing users. Admins and users no longer need to keep track of several different login credentials and URL’s, they have all been combined into one central hub.

AVAD IT wasn’t the only department that benefitted from the new Web Admin. Custom reports have been added to every project within the Web Admin allowing AVAD’s marketing team to accurately track user engagement levels, event registrations, orders and even content updates. Now AVAD’s marketing team can create engagement plans based off of real time data gathered from their websites and mobile apps.


Gone are the days of frantically trying to keep track of various login credentials and URL’s for multiple web properties, or guessing user engagement numbers. AVAD IT can now focus their energies on ensuring their customer have the best possible online experience, while marketing uses the data captured to create the best marketing plan possible!


eCommerce, Consumer Electronics


ASP.NET MVC 4, SQL Server 2005, Quartz, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Sage MAS 500

Web Admin Features
  • Multiple storefronts
    • Dealer only login
    • Content management (including images)
    • Integration with MAS 500 ERP
    • Customer account manager
    • Custom reports (logins, event signups, search)
  • Mobile apps
    • Content management
    • Custom reports (orders, account activity)
  • Consumer facing store
    • Content management
    • Navigation control
    • Account manager
    • Order manager
    • Third party integration order export/import manager
  • Quartz.net job scheduling – Custom task scheduler used to manage batch jobs