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Using Built-In Dependency Injection with ASP.NET 5

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 1/26/2016

If you're a regular follower of this blog, you will have read the two previous posts on using dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC, the first Dependancy Injection in ASP.NET Part 1 being a conceptual introduction, and the second Dependency Injection in ASPNET MVC Part 2 Basic Implementation explaining the practicalities of implementing it. Read More....

SaaS Bootstrapping - eReferralPro

Posted By: Admin on 5/14/2014

When Buena Digital first designed a referral system for a client years ago, we knew we were on to some thing big.

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Dependendency Injection in ASP.NET MVC, Part 2: Basic Implementation

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 3/11/2014

Obvious question: why do we need a DI framework in .NET at all? Why not implement the DI pattern manually? Take a look at Part II of this series.

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Exploring the Wild West Domains API

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 9/14/2012

Today we look at how to use the Wild West Domains API. is a domain-name reseller affiliated with GoDaddy.

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Search the web using the new Bing API

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 5/25/2012

In our last post we looked at how to do searches using the Twitter API. This week we are doing the same for Bing. Bing used to have a very simple REST API, but Microsoft has recently taken the decision to start charging for Bing searches, and consequently put out a new API (see, which is quite a bit more complex than the previous one, because of the additional overhead involved in authenticating requests.

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Doing searches with LinqToTwitter

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 5/23/2012

If you're thinking of plugging your web app into Twitter, approaching the Twitter API can be a daunting task. One of the best choices is to use one of the many open-source .NET libraries which have been created for this purpose.

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Resetting the Membership Provider Password Tip

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 3/25/2012

This week I had to tackle an interesting problem. I was given access to an ASP.NET website that used Windows Membership Provider for authentication.

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