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SSLHandshakeException: Handshake Fail Fix For Android 7.0

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 10/24/2016

We recently noticed an issue with one of our client's app with Google API 24 where the app would always throw an error message saying there was no internet connection when trying to use an API under SSL. Read More....

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Introduction to the ASP.NET Web API

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 4/17/2014

The ASP.NET Web API is a new framework for building RESTful applications based on the .NET framework with minimal effort. Why another framework? In the ASP.NET world, what can we not do with either Web Forms or MVC?

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Exploring the Wild West Domains API

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 9/14/2012

Today we look at how to use the Wild West Domains API. is a domain-name reseller affiliated with GoDaddy.

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