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Risky Business

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 4/23/2015

What is risk? Risk is the possibility of loss. That can be a financial loss, a loss of time, a loss of opportunity, or loss of credibility. There is no way to completely eliminate risk, but it can be managed. Identifying and mitigating risks is a crucial part of software management and Buena Digital can help you ensure your project will be a success

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Posted By: Tim Ballard on 3/19/2014

Limit your work in progress so you can increase your overall productivity. 

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5 Tips for Timezone Management

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 2/20/2014

5 tips that can save your project deadline when managing a digital agency team spread across several different time zones.

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Top 6 Project Management Tips for Remote Teams

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 2/17/2014

Buena Digital employs talent from all around the globe, so we've learned a lot about managing remote teams. Here are some of our top tips.

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Feature Creep

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 12/3/2013

Tips on how to avoid the dreaded Feature Creep.

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Top 3 Tips for Agile Team Motivation

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 8/16/2013

My tips on how to keep your team motivated.

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