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Microsoft Bot Framework - Part 3

Posted By: Rachel Scanlon on 10/18/2017

In the third and final part of this tutorial, we will walk through how you integrate LUIS into an existing ASP.NET MVC Application. We will demonstrate how you would allow the user to ask basic questions about their order.

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Introduction to the ASP.NET Web API

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 4/17/2014

The ASP.NET Web API is a new framework for building RESTful applications based on the .NET framework with minimal effort. Why another framework? In the ASP.NET world, what can we not do with either Web Forms or MVC?

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Dependendency Injection in ASP.NET MVC, Part 2: Basic Implementation

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 3/11/2014

Obvious question: why do we need a DI framework in .NET at all? Why not implement the DI pattern manually? Take a look at Part II of this series.

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Dependendency Injection in ASP.NET MVC, Part 1: Introduction

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 1/10/2014

Dependency injection, or DI for short, is one of those buzzwords that is making the rounds in the world of web development. Let's take a look at why this design pattern is so useful in this multi-part series.

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When to Hire a Digital Agency

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 10/1/2013

Do you have ambitious plans for your eCommerce or healthcare related web application? Are you struggling to decide whether to assemble an in-house team or hire a digital agency?

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TeamCity Continuous Integration at Buena Digital

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 5/29/2013

Buena Digital has recently incorporated TeamCity’s Continuous Integration build server into our agile process.

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