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SSLHandshakeException: Handshake Fail Fix For Android 7.0

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 10/24/2016

We recently noticed an issue with one of our client's app with Google API 24 where the app would always throw an error message saying there was no internet connection when trying to use an API under SSL. Read More....

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SaaSPro iOS App Is Available on GitHub

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 9/19/2016

The last piece of software in the SaaSPro family is now available on GitHub. Read More....

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SaaSPro Android Is Now Open Source

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 9/16/2016

Today we released the source code for the SaaSPro Android app on GitHub. We are excited to get this app out in the wild to accompany the SaaSPro project.

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4 Reasons to Build a B2B Mobile App

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 8/14/2015

Are you trying to develop your company's B2B digital strategy for 2015 and beyond?

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Are You Ready to Be A Mobile First Company?

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 4/15/2015

You often hear about mobile becoming more and more dominant in our lives from various media outlets and probably experienced first-hand how ingrained mobile devices are part of our daily life.

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iPhone to Windows Phone Switch: Why I Will Never Be Held Hostage By iTunes Again

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 2/23/2015

Recently, Microsoft has been making some great strides in the Cloud and Mobile industries. In anticipation of Windows 10, I've decided to jump ship from iOS to Windows Phone 8.1. 

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eReferralPro Is Now Compatible With Internet Explorer 8

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 7/17/2014

While this may not be the most exciting news, eReferralPro is now IE8 friendly. We have been receiving numerous requests from potential clients who were concerned that they would not be able to use eReferralPro. Read more...
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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites: A Comparison

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 7/17/2013

The question is seemingly simple enough, Mobile App or Mobile Website? 

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