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A Simple Recommender System in C#

Posted By: Joao Coelho on 4/17/2015

Recommender systems are based on fairly sophisticated machine learning algorithms, usually expressed in the language of linear algebra. But the basic intuitions behind these systems are not complicated.

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Top 6 Project Management Tips for Remote Teams

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 2/17/2014

Buena Digital employs talent from all around the globe, so we've learned a lot about managing remote teams. Here are some of our top tips.

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TeamCity Continuous Integration at Buena Digital

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 5/29/2013

Buena Digital has recently incorporated TeamCity’s Continuous Integration build server into our agile process.

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Desk Jockey: Staying Healthy in a 9-5 Office Job

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 5/29/2013

Eat less, workout more. Seems easy enough...

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A Little Wednesday Afternoon Humor

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 1/11/2012

Maybe my great, great, great grandchild can finish this task for me!

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