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HITECH Act & Meaningful Use


A few important things you need to know as a healthcare professional...

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Project FAIL, Part 2: Hitting a Moving Target

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 7/23/2013

Scope your project effectively so you don't end up trying to hit a moving target.

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HIPAA, SaaS, Cloud and Business Associates Agreements (BAA)

Posted By: Todd Mueller on 7/22/2013

If you have a cloud based SaaS offering in the healthcare space or thinking about it, you better get familiar with BAA quick.

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eCommerce eXpertise


Interesting factoids and a list of our eCommerce pet peeves.

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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites: A Comparison

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 7/17/2013

The question is seemingly simple enough, Mobile App or Mobile Website? 

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Project FAIL: Why the Best of Intentions Mean Jack

Posted By: Tim Ballard on 7/2/2013

3 of the most common reasons for project failure.

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